Notice On Mcsk Elections

Pursuant to article 50 (a) of MCSK’s Articles of Association and Rule (a) of the Election Rules for the Governing Council, qualified members who wish to vie for seat  in the Governing Council are notified as follows;

  1. 1)That nomination papers can be collected from the Regional offices of the Society with effect from the date of this notice.
  2. 2)Duly completed Nomination Forms should be deposited in the “Nominations Box” at the head office not later than Twelve (12) noon on Friday 13thMarch 2015.
  3. 3)Elections will be held in the respective Regions on 21stApril 2015 and the Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th April 2015. The specific venues for the said meetings to be announced later.
  4. 4)Pursuant to Article 32(b) (i) and (ii) the number of vacancies are Two (2) for Nairobi Region, and One(1) each for the following Regions; 
  5. Central
  6. Eastern and North Eastern
  7. Coast
  8. Western
  9. Rift valley
  10. Nyanza

 NB: Those vying for vacancies in other regions other than Nairobi must be either an Author or a Composer. 

  1. 5)Under Article 33, Candidates shall;
    1. Be members of the Society for a continuous period of four (4) years, (that is up to membership number 4619.
    2. Have been a member of the region they wish to vie for at least six (6) months prior to date of this notice.
    3. Submit a certificate of good conduct by 31stMarch 2015. 
  2. 6)Candidates are also required to submit Curriculum Vitae (CV), Testimonials, Academic Certificates and a copy of Identity Card together with Nomination Forms
  3. 7)Next of kin members are not qualified to vie for membership in the Governing Council but are qualified to vote. Only those who were full members by 31stMarch 2014 will be qualified to vote, (that is up to membership number 8393.
  4. 8)Voting will be on the basis of “one man one vote”. 

NB: Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Election Rules and the Nomination Forms can be downloaded from the MCSK website,

By order of the Governing Council.

CS Martha Maina,

Company Secretary.