Music Copyright Society of Kenya Limited (MCSK) is a company limited by guarantee (Regd. No. C.5/83) that administers and enforces the exploitation of performing and reproduction rights in copyrighted musical works it has been exclusively assigned by local and international Creators of copyrighted musical works.
Music Copyright Society of Kenya Limited (MCSK) is holding its 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, and is seeking applications from capable, skilled, eligible, and enthusiastic firms for the provision of Live streaming and Recording Services.Below are some of the requirements and specifications for the provision of the live streaming and recording services for MCSK 32nd Annual General meeting (AGM) on 30th April 2024.

  1. User-friendly virtual streaming software.
  2. Hold a capacity of more than 15,000 active participants.
  3. Provide comprehensive reports, photos an edited video recording of the meeting.
  4. Provide a stable and reliable network connection.
  5. Real-Time Engagement.
  6. Customer support.
  7. Live streaming and audio hardware.
  8. Distraction-free streaming.
  9. High-quality streams with greater Audience Potential.
  10. Unique sign-in ID.
  11. Guarantee Privacy, Security, and system uptime.

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