Historical Background

The society was registered in 1983 as a company under number C.5/83

The first directors were as follows

  1. Mr. Laban Juma Toto (Composer Musician)
  2. Mr. David Amunga (Composer Musician)
  3. Mr. Rajab S. Chumbii ( Musician)
  4. Mr. Daudi Kabaka (Composer Musician)
  5. Ms. Betty Njeri Tett (Producer)
  6. Mr. Griffith Justus Siboe (Director of Culture)
  7. Mr. Rautta Athiambo (Civil Servant)
  8. Mr. Robert Noel Simpson (Business Man)

Since then, the Society has grown in leaps and bounds in spite of many challenges and it is moving to greater heights to achieve its objectives.