Why Register With Us

Below are some of the benefits for being a member of MCSK.

  1. Members will receive royalties whenever their musical works are played on radio, Tv or exploited in public places.
  2. Members receive international royalties whenever their songs receive airplay from other affiliate societies since MCSK has over 120 reciprocal agreements with sister societies.
  3. Copyrighted works serves as  proof to ownership of works/songs in case of any legal disputes.
  4. Monetization of their musical works for airplays with our monitoring system that monitors online stations.
  5. International recognition via IPI (Interested Party Information).
  6. Different revenue streams when MCSK partners with stakeholders administering mechanical services in their platforms.
  7. Benevolent funds as a member.
  8. Medical bill reimbursement.
  9. Free legal advice in terms of copyright.
  10. Technical and legal support .
  11. Better bargaining power as a company in terms of raising society issues and concerns that affect the society.
  12. Attending training seminars that MCSK organizes from time to time in corporation with various stakeholders in the entertainment industry to sensitize performers on various issues that a relate to them.