Our attention has been drawn to misleading reports circulating in sections of the media on the 2 Petitions referenced above.
The two petitions touched on the mandate of KECOBO in regulation of the copyright industry.
In KECOBO-Vs-MCSK in petition No. E276 of 2021, the court decided in favour of MCSK, whereby it denied KECOBO permission to take over the role of collection and distribution of royalties on behalf of MCSK members.
In MCSK-Vs-KECOBO that is Petition No. E435 of 2020, MCSK had sort inter alia a declaration that the Deeds of Assignment between itself and its members created an ownership relationship with its members, the court did not comment on the issue. We are studying the judgment and we will guide our members on the way forward.
Meanwhile, the Judge allowed MCSK to continue Collecting and distributing royalties on behalf of its members without a CMO license.
In the meantime, it should be noted that MCSK has not given any directives or communications to its members to either join any association or participate in the purported review of the Copyright Act.
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