Creators and authors societies will be joined by special artist ambassadors in September for the 2nd annual African Copyright and Collective Management Day.
Copyright and collective management are tools for creators, just like paintbrushes, guitars or cameras. They are also keys to economic development, contributing enormously to the well-being of countries and continents. This is why CISAC is helping raise awareness about its importance across Africa. We look forward to this second edition of Africa Copyright and Collective Management Day, especially to further support growing royalty collections over the years.”
Activities will be taking place across the region the week before and after September 14th, 2019, to draw attention to the vibrant contributions of creators and copyright to the lives of millions throughout Africa and beyond. The coordinated event is supported at global level by CISAC, the largest worldwide network of authors societies, with members in over 120 countries.
Ceremonies, live performances, workshops and roundtables will be organized by over 20 CISAC member authors societies, with support from artist ambassadors. The artist ambassadors help educate fellow local creators about the benefits of authors’ rights, their importance to making careers or livelihoods and their role in the development of their countries.
In Kenya, Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has chosen to celebrate this important event by partnering with broadcasters, through its Copyright Ambassadors by visiting the major broadcasting stations and appealing to them and other users to pay royalties for the benefit of all authors.

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