Chief Executive Officer

“Dear Kenyan musicians,

I have been in the office as CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya for a month and a half now and I must say that every day of that period has been an amazing learning experience and interaction with the members, staff, Directors and industry players both Government and the private sector.

My take so far is that the industry has huge potential but there are enormous challenges that must be addressed in order to bring back sanity and discipline in the industry. I am working hard to ensure that integrity and professionalism become the guiding ethos as we work on establishing proper structures to restore the lost glory of the music industry in Kenya.

I can’t wait for the day our members will be laughing all the way to the bank because we will have streamlined the collection and distribution of royalties.

We shall sensitize all users of music to pay for it as we, block by block, build a strong movement of music industry players that will be respected and loved for their important role in setting the agenda for socio-economic development and promotion of our moral values and culture.

With God on our side, the great support from all the players, we will soon turn the chapter from lamentations to songs of praise to God as we reap the benefits of the talents in this amazing sector.

I have listened to your varied views on how the sector should be run. I am using the ideas you have shared with me, even where we have differed in opinions, to craft the strategies for the future of the industry.

I thank you for being forthright and for the prayers and support from everyone I have interacted with so far. I am more than ever before fired up to work harder to make Kenyan musicians billionaires!” 

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS MCSK CEO.