P unit has emerged as top earners and most popular artists in four (4) radio stations including Kiss 100, Homeboyz radio, Ghetto radio and Hot 96 FM albeit the group was beaten to the number one spot by KALENJIN JUNIOR KOTESTES BAND who emerged as the highest overall earners in the broadcasting category of MCSK royalties distribution declared on 28/02/2014.

This is the first time in MCSK distributions that a regional based artist (vernacular artist) has emerged as the highest earner.

The previous years have been dominated by main stream artistes such as NONINI and P UNIT.

This came as good news for the regional based musicians and in line with MCSK new strategy where the Society has increased its focus on regional based musicians (mashinani), and not to mean that there will be neglect of main stream musicians.

In fact, the top ten lists of highest earners was dominated by main stream artistes.

With the enhanced focus on regional based stations, there has been increased royalties paid by the regional based stations and there has been increased submission of log sheets which has directly ensured that the regional musicians whose music has been broadcast within the regional and / or vernacular stations have earned more royalties.

MCSK is happy to announce that there has been an increased number of artistes who will receive six (6) figure royalty cheques in comparison to last financial year. In this year distribution the top forty (40) musicians have all received six figure payments. Last financial year, it was only the top ten who were within six figure amounts.

Further, this financial year, the highest earner has received close to 30% more than what the highest earner received in the last financial year. It is expected that by the time the distributions are completed i.e. after the April 30 th distribution and June 27 th ( compensating Oct 2013 ) distributions , the highest earner is likely to receive almost twice what the highest earners received last financial year and will be well in the seven digit amounts . Mcsk is not at liberty at this stage to disclose individual earnings but will disclose the same after consultation with the respective top earners.

The top ten earners and / or most popular artistes lists is as follows:

1) Kalenjin Junior Kotestes band

2) Dennis Waweru Kaggia aka DNA

3) Hubert Mbuku Nakitare aka NONINI

4) Collins Mike Majale aka Collo

5) David Kamoni Mathenge aka Nameless

6) Gloria Owendi Muliro

7) Jean Pierre Nimbona aka Kidum

8) Angela Chibalonza Muliri


10) Linet Masivo Munyali aka Size 8

Within the top ten lists, only three gospel artistes appeared with the other seven in top ten list being secular musicians.

Positions eleven and twelve were however occupied by gospel artistes Daddy Owen and Victor Mbuvi respectively.

Others in the top twenty list are:

Octopizzo , Dennis Mutara , Sauti Sol ( who are a new entrant into the top 20 list ) , Wahu , Pastor  Joel Kimeto ( who is also a new entrant in the top 20 list ) , Les Wanyika , Ulopa ( new entrant ) and finally CAMP MULLA rounding up the top twenty list .

The full list of top earners in all categories of distribution will be released at the end of June 2014 after computation of all categories of royalties to be paid out which include international royalties , mechanical rights ( ring tones ) , payments from concerts and events and payments from performances in public places ( PPP) .

Mcsk wishes to congratulate all the artistes who have performed well to have their musical works broadcast.

Mcsk also wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all the media houses that have remitted royalty payments and have now enabled the artistes to receive their royalty cheques.

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