The business of music publishing is concerned with developing, protecting and valuing music. The business is diverse and demands a variety of skills. Music publishers play a vital role in the development of new music and in taking care of the business side, allowing composers and songwriters to concentrate on their creative work.The business of music publishing is dependent upon there being a strong copyright framework in place. The control of copyright enables a publisher to recover the investment made in songwriters and composers and to ensure that they are rewarded for their creative work. Without copyright there would be no financial incentive for writers and composers to create, or for music publishers to invest in them and their music. This would be to the detriment of composers and writers who depend upon publishers to manage the business of exploiting their musical works, thus enabling them to make a living out of their creativity.



1.A certified copy of certificate of incorporation or business name

2.Three (3) copies of CD’s of each album published by the company or business entity

3.Certified copy of PIN certificate for the company or sole proprietorship.

4.Certified copies of contracts/ agreements between the publisher and the composers/authors/writers

5.Names and nationalities of all Directors or partners of the publishing company.

6.Copies of agreements if the company has acquired control of local/foreign publisher catalogues;

7.Three (3) passport size photographs and a copy of Identity card/passport of the representative/s;

8.Company resolution appointing the representative/s;

9.Company resolution to join MCSK;

10.Cover letter on the Company’s letter head;

11.Ten thousand shillings, application fee.(non refundable)

12.Account number (KCB BANKIKA ACCOUNT)of the publishing company

N/B: Regitration is only done at the nearest regional office.

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