MCSK Complaints Procedure

MCSK Complaints procedure

Complaints Procedure
1. Who can make a complaint?
You are eligible to lodge a complaint if:-

  • you are our Member; or
  • Appointed Next of kin of a deceased member.

2. What is the procedure of making a complaint?
All complaints must be made in writing, using the MCSK complaints form (sent by post or as an electronic
attachment to an email) and must give;

  • your name and address (if an individual);
  • The name and address of your group/band making the complaint and your position within the group/band.

Indicate the nature of the complaint. The complaint could relate to:

  • the timeliness of a response from us;
  • the behavior of our staff in handling a response or in contacting an unlicensed user;
  • a lack of clarity in the information on our website about what licenses are available, to whom and the amount payable and/or the way in which the amount payable is calculated;
  • A failure by us to correct an error.

3. To whom should complaints be addressed to?
MCSK Regional Manager if it’s an administrative issue and to the MCSK Regional Committee Chairman if it’s an
issue of Policy
4. What happens once a complaint is lodged?
We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 10 working days. During this time we will make an
assessment as to whether this complaint is legitimate and falls within the scope of this Code of Conduct or
whether it is frivolous or an abuse of the complaints procedure (in which case you will be notified of this in an
acknowledgement letter together with an explanation of why this decision has been made). We may request
further information to enable us to consider the complaint.
If a complaint is then found to be a legitimate complaint, we will prepare a detailed response within a
further 20 working days. You will then have a further 20 working days to comment on the response; if you
wish you can ask for the decision we have made to be reviewed by another senior member of our staff, and/or
the governing council through the regional committee.
If we receive further comments within this time from you or you wish your complaint to be reviewed
by another senior member of our staff/governing council we will then provide a final written response within a
further 15 working days.

Guidelines on making a complaint
1. Contact nearest MCSK office as soon as possible – our contact details are on our literature and our website.
2. Consider your complaint carefully before you make the call, and/or have a written document to explain the problem. Write down the name of the person you speak to, the time, the date and take a note of the proposed solution(s)
3. Hopefully MCSK will be able to resolve the problem at this stage. If you’re not satisfied, stay calm and let the person know that you intend to appeal their decision.
4. Be conversant with the stipulated complaints procedure(s). Follow each stage of the complaints procedure until the problem is resolved.
5. If you need to write to MCSK, keep a copy of the letter(s) you send. If you receive any letter(s) from us, keep them
along with a record of any other phone calls you make or receive.
6. Cooperate with MCSK to resolve the problem.
7. Have in mind what you want to happen to fix the problem. Be realistic and understanding in your expectations.

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