What is a composer?: ( C)


A composer is someone who writes a music piece for theatre, TV, radio, film, computer games and other areas where music is needed. The music should be properly notated so as to guide the musician/s properly.


What does a composer do?:

The main task of the composer is to write an original composition for a specific project. The piece will then be performed by a musician or an ensemble. The composer makes sure that the music suits the project; as in the case of film scores where the music should help move the story without overpowering the scene. The music he writes may be instrumental or have lyrics and may be in various styles such as classical, jazz, country or folk.


a) Three(3) copies of commercially published audio CD’s of each album/Single;

b) Three (3) passport size photographs and a copy of identity card/passport/birth certificate;

c) Copy of National identity card/passport/birth certificate for next of Kin.

d) Copies of agreements if there is joint copyright ownership.

e) Names of group members and a representative if it is a group/band or choir.

f) Three thousand shillings, application fee. (Non refundable).

g) Letters of administration from the courts of law if applying on behalf of a deceased person.

h) KCB Bank Account number of the applicant/s.

N/B: Regitration is only done at the nearest regional office.

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