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With regard to R Kay earnings , despite R Kay not being a prominent performer , the royalties received were for his role as composer and arranger for musical works relating to hit songs from artistes such as Nameless , Habida , Esther Wahome , Mbuvi , Sarah Kiarie , Eunice Njeri and several other top artistes .

The amounts declared was kshs 28,054,147 /- out of a total collection of Kshs 31,160, 538 /-paid by the the following radio and television stations in the financial year 1/06/2013 to 31/07/2014  ; Royal media Services , Radio Africa group , Standard Group , Nation media group , Media Max , Kalee ltd , KBC , Biblia Husema and Radio Kaya amongst others .

 The complete list of top ten ( local members ) is as follows :

 1) Robert Kamanzi

 2) Angela Chibalonza

3) Gloria Muliro

4)Sarah Kiarie ( Sarah K )

5) Andrew Mutara Kamau ( Dennis Mutara )

6) John Mwangi Ng'ang'a ( John De Mathew )

7) Pamela Akinyi ( Les Wanyika )

8) Mercy Wangoi Wambogo ( Mercy Linah )

9) Paul Mwai Muthike

10) Dennis Waweru Kagia ( DNA )

MCSK is also pleased to announce that effective the next distribution to be made on June 26 th 2015 , MCSK will be using a new monitoring system called " VERICAST" developed by BMAT , a company based in Barcelona , Spain .

The new monitoring system will allow for members of MCSK to monitor the broadcasting of their music through a link that will be shared with the members . The system will as such allow for transparency in the monitoring of music and enable the members to verify accuracy of the air plays as presented for distribution of royalties .

A detailed press release on the new system will be issued as soon as the contractual terms are finalized .

 Signed :


            Cs Maurice Mwande Okoth

          CEO , MCSK

          Dated : 27/03/2015 


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