Music Copyright Society of Kenya(MCSK) is a company limited by guarantee whose main objective is to collect and distribute royalties from individuals and corporates who exploit copyrighted musical works in Kenya on behalf of authors, composers, arrangers and publishers of copyrighted musical works.

MCSK executes this mandate in line with the requirements of the Copyright Act 2001, laws of Kenya

MCSK is looking for a Human Resource consultant to work on the following policies;

  1. HR Policy
  2. Procurement policy,
  3. Communication policy,
  4. Whistle blowing policy,
  5. Sexual Harassment policy
  6. Conflict of Interest policy

The consultant will work with the Human Resource office and MCSK management team.

Kindly send in your proposals on the costs and time frame to complete the above tasks. All proposals should be sent to by Tuesday December 15th, 2020 closure of business.